Pregnancy Tea Blend
Pregnancy Tea Blend

Pregnancy Tea Blend

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Pregnancy Tea Blend🌺

The intention of this specific blend is to heal and soothe women during one of the most life changing transitions in their life. We hope for ease of mind, body, and soul with this blend. ✨

Not only is a nice warm cup of tea great to soothe, this one also helps to:
-regulate blood pressure
-increase energy
-increase libido naturally
-promote digestive health
-rich is vitamins a,b,c, & e
-rich in calcium
-helps with UTIs
-fights fatigue
-fights anemia
-acts as a healthy diuretic
-helps to build strong bones
-natural antidepressant
-fights cold & flu symptoms
-reduces stress & anxiety
-skin, hair, & nail health
-glowing skin
-fights breakouts from the inside out
-great for fighting skin conditions

This is just to list a few!! We’re over the moon with excitement about this blend, and we can’t wait for you to have your first cup. 😋☕️🌺